Benj Person came to America from Sweden in 1881 with his parents when he was seven years old. They came on a combination sail and steamliner and it took 40 days to make the trip to Columbus. They proceeded to their destination in the Looking Glass alley where they began farming.

In 1900 Benj Person moved to Genoa where he applied himself to learning the carpenter trade and followed this for three years before venturing into the Undertaking and Furniture business. In 1915, he constructed the modern brick building on the north side of main street, supervising the construction himself. Mr. Person ran the business until 1946 when he sold the business to John Hasch.

John continued the business until his retirement in 1975 when the business was sold to Robert Patrick. Bob ran the business in the same building until 2011, when the business was sold to Brad Ramaekers, Gary Sharman, and Jeff Wisnieski as a joint venture. The building was completely remodeled in 2012.
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